Hello and welcome to Lost Coast Kenpo Karate. As you can see we have been busy making changes to the website. We have added a news section and updated the pricing information. Keep looking for more updates as February 1st gets closer.

Upcoming features planned for the site include:

  • Photo Galleries
  • Basic Instruction for Belt Tying, Stances, and Salute
  • Belt Information
  • Upcoming Events
  • and much much more

  • What Is Kenpo 5.0?

    American Kenpo version 5.0 is the hybrid of the last generation version of American Kenpo taught directly from Senior Grand Master Ed Parker to Jeff Speakman and ground fighting brought into the equation by several of Mr. Speakman’s students training and experiences as well as Mr. Speakman’s continued studies of Brazilian Ju Jitsu from his instructor Mr. Todd Nathanson. Approximately 30 new techniques have been created replacing dated or in-congruent techniques within the existing system. In addition another 30 techniques have been altered in varying degrees to accommodate the same thinking.

    It is important to recognize that this is not grappling or cage fighting but an expanding philosophy of Kenpo to produce the Kenpo ground system coupled with training drills and sparring techniques. It is modifying the existing 4.0 system while remaining completely within the combat models and thinking of American Kenpo to address the increasing and prevalent void of ground fighting in the Kenpo world. By keeping within these models of Kenpo we have been able to develop a system combining the better of these two worlds to give our students the maximum ability to deal with the very real possibilities of becoming involved in these kinds of altercations. In addition, it allows us to continue to develop ourselves within the mind-body-spirit paradigm to reach a higher level of individual performance and sustained excellence therefore strengthening the group as a whole.